5 Design Trends for 2023

5 Design Trends for 2023

What are the 2023 design trends that we predict will last more than just this year?

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1. Darker wood toned furniture

Ok we had to start with this one! Darker toned woods are coming back. Think walnut, mahogany, and cherry for dramatic and inviting dining tables.Soothing pastels

2. Pastels 

We’ve seen a dramatic shift from the all white cabinets and walls to dark and moody painted rooms and now it seems like we’re settling somewhere in the middle on a more zen pastel palette. Think neutral with the slightest hint of color.

3. Unique lighting

The right lighting features can create a whole mood in a room. Don’t overlook this feature when you’re decorating! Make sure to give your lighting choices just as much consideration as your other design choices.


With an organized space being shown to increase wellness, decrease stress and increase time it’s no wonder that we’re going to be seeing a heavy emphasis on organization. And not just any organization, but beautifully curated drawers, cabinets and pantry. Organization can be just as beautiful as it is practical. Make it another design feature in your home!

5.Lasting Style

This has to be our favorite. It’s no secret that the “buy it and throw it away and buy the next best thing” consumerism philosophy has wreaked havoc on our planet and our wallets! It’s nice to see the growing trend of consumers thoughtfully purchasing decor and pieces that will last for generations. Think solid wood furniture and timeless pieces.


Will you be trying any of these trends?

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