About Us


Hi, thanks for stopping by! My family calls me Tia and together with my husband, David, we own and operate South Plank House.

South Plank House was born out of necessity. In the summer of 2017 we sold every piece of furniture we owned, and moved from Southwest Florida to start a new adventure in Ringwood New Jersey.

(Our loving and gracious family invited us to stay with them while we scoped out the area for our own place, hence the reason we sold all of our furniture.)

Within a year we found our now-home "up the mountain" in Hewitt New Jersey, however we had no furniture besides a platform bed and a desk.

So I got to work thrifting out deals on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and Letgo for used furniture. That began my love of refinishing furniture. I spent all of my free time learning about best practices in furniture finishing. I tried just about every primer and paint on the market. I learned about how different components react with each other, and what was needed to make a finish not only durable, but beautiful.

After furnishing our own home with my refinished finds, I decided I could try my hand at turning my love of refinishing furniture into a little side hustle. And soon that side hustle grew so that my hubby could switch to part time work and work with  me. This added a whole new element to our furniture. Not only could I refinish the pieces, but my super handy husband did repairs, removed tops, and made new tops for tables and dressers.

Our first big score was on a Saturday morning, we traveled to an estate sale in Pine Island New York and landed so much furniture there was barely room for us in the van! The sale was on South Plank Road. I said to my hubby, "What a great name that would be for a business. South Plank House." I was half joking, but I couldn't get the name out of my head. It just made perfect sense. We are from the South....we added planks to the tops of furniture to make farmhouse inspired styles...and it was stuff for your house.  After bouncing around in my head for a few weeks, my husband came home to business cards with the name "South Plank House" and that was it.

We became South Plank House.

In 2019, I grew tired of searching for furniture and I encouraged my husband to start building furniture. With not an ounce of experience, he agreed to build one table and see how it went. Well, needless to say, it went well! We sold that table within a week, and got requests for more. My husband was able to quit his part-time job and build full time. He poured over woodworking videos, learning the best techniques and how to improve his skills, and we learned from our mistakes as well! He's gone from building basic tables from plans, to designing and building ANYTHING with no plans! He can just look at something and build it! That's our favorite part of our job, getting an inspiration photo from a client and asking us if we can build it, and being able to say yes, then delivering that piece and hearing the client say, "It's better than I could have imagined!"

Since then, we've expanded even more to partner with thoughtful makers and offer carefully curated home furnishings.

And while it's mainly just myself and my husband doing everything from answering your emails, to advertising, to building, finishing and delivering...we partner with my brother-in-law, who is also a master craftsman, during our busy months, and this year we are excited to have brought on our daughter as a finisher, and beginner woodworking apprentice, and her friend as our in-house interior designer and 3D design artist. (Whew, that was one long run-on sentence!)

We are thankful to have not just started a business that allows us to work together as a family with friends and still have time for more important things, but allows us to meet so many wonderful clients who have trusted us with building a piece for their home so they can make memories with their families.  We are truly a customer-focused small business, and proud of the impeccable customer service record we have.

We're glad you found us!