5 Reasons to Invest in a South Plank House Custom Table

5 Reasons to Invest in a South Plank House Custom Table

Ever wonder WHY we are always talking about why it’s sooooo much better to invest in custom furniture? Well here ya go!


Let’s get into it!


1. See our previous blog 😂

Ok but really, your dining space is only going to work if it’s perfectly suited to your home and lifestyle. In order to get the most out of your table, it has to be a certain size in relation to your space, if it’s going to be functional for your family it needs to be the correct wood, and every room is different! Lighting is different painting is different. So while a table may look amazing in a big box store, it may look a totally different color in your home! And they’re only available in so many colors.

Buying from us means you get any style, any size, any finish, any wood!

2. Solid wood

There aren’t many stores that sell solid wood furniture anymore. While they may look great online, you wouldn’t believe how many clients have gotten mass produced tables into their home only to realize how cheap and “plasticy” they feel.

Solid wood furniture literally lasts forever! It’s easy to repair, easy to refinish, and will easily be around for the next 200 years!

3. Quality craftsmanship

If you value something handmade, using tried and true joinery techniques…not just nailed together, if you value the skill set involved in woodworking, and knowing that there is not another table EXACTLY like yours anywhere in the world, then you need to invest in custom furniture.

4. Client support

You aren’t just money to us, you aren’t just another sale. We get to know you, why you’re buying a table, what you need it for, where you’re at in your home design process…and once we deliver that table we don’t disappear!

We’re still here! Always available for any questions or concerns you have! And don’t worry-we remember you 😉

5. We value your business, your home, and your table!

We are a small family owned business. And we absolutely love getting to create something that will bring family and friends together! It seems like the world we are living in gets crazier and scarier everyday, the thought of a family coming home after a long day of the stress of school and work and sitting around a table we built, eating, laughing, playing games…gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling. We know the hard work you’ve put into making your house a home, and we’re honored to play a very small part of that.


What do you love about custom furniture?

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