Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

We’ve got our followers  favorites this week!

4. Outdoor table

We made an amazing exposed leg parsons table for an outdoor roof deck in the heart of Jersey City! 

This lovely was 11.5’ long and 40” wide with 5” thick legs! 

This outdoor table was made in cost effective Douglas fir wood coated with an exterior deck coating. 

Looking for an outdoor table? We’ve got you covered! 

3. Bellvale table

Once our most popular table the Bellvale has been surpassed but is still hanging in our top four! Truly a classic style! See it HERE

2. Stonetown Table 

The trendy take on a turned leg table which always provides the perfect timeless look for a classic dining room! See what all the fuss is about HERE

1. The Grange Monastery Table 

This one surprised us! Even though our Grange Monastery has been a staple on our website for almost a year, it seems to have taken off in popularity this month! What do you think? See the Grange HERE

Did your favorites make the top four? 



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