Reveal: Our first catalog!

Reveal: Our first catalog!

Well I guess it's more of a look book than a catalog. But I just feel fancier saying "catalog". 

We're starting with our Winter 2022 Issue. We'll roll out a "catalog" (*cough, cough* look book) every season! 

Our next one will be out in April 2023, followed by July 2023, and then October 2023... can you see where this is going?

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Whew! (Sigh of relief and excitement...and apprehension if I'm being totally transparent). This is probably over 120 hours of work! I will never throw a catalog in the garbage again. So take a look at ours HERE!

P.S.-on this blog we are a fan of run-on sentences, incorrect use of hyphens, too many exclamation points, lots of ellipses and incorrect punctuation....we build furniture, we aren't english teachers...but we hope you have fun here all the same! (see what I'm talking about! ;-) ).

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