SPH Weekly Recap...See what you missed!

SPH Weekly Recap...See what you missed!


The weather here has been crazy, guys! Like 50-60 degrees every day and I am not happy about it….In the dead of winter. What’s that?!? It should be snowing! No wonder the polar bears are dying!  I should be making snowmen and playing with my dog in the snow. I’m definitely going to want a do-over for winter if this doesn’t change quick.

Are you team winter? We are rare lol!


So in case you don’t know, we are a small business…we work out of our small workshop on our property and have a separate finishing booth. We do most of our lumber milling outside when the weather is good, and then move inside for construction and finishing.


So in the winter our production slows because we move the milling inside to our workshop as well, so there’s just a lot of moving equipment and cleaning up between steps which lengthens the process, so I should be happy we’ve had warm weather because it’s actually sped up our process and we’re currently working at about 2-4 weeks AHEAD of our lead times…which never happens...So I guess I'm happy for our clients who will get their pieces sooner...but I'm not happy for me...who LOVES winter!


And this week we are hustling! Take a look at some sneak peeks.

The Bellvale Table

Who knew Douglas fir could look so good!

This 9’x42” Bellvale is Douglas fir soft wood and stained mocha and it’s giving me all the dark and moody Chris love Julia vibes.

The Bellvale Table

Nope not a typo….you’ll be seeing A LOT of Bellvale tables. This style was a trending seller back during our Black Friday Sale! We sold ten of them!

This is a 78”x36” solid ash stained in early American which is the perfect brown! There’s no red or yellow undertones…and just look at that graining.

The Stonetown Table

I’m just obsessed with these legs! This 8’x42” solid maple is going to be painted black, talk about a statement piece!

We also made and sent out 30 finish samples to clients, hired a social media manager (whew) and started some new advertising for new services we’re excited to share with you soon!


And that’s our week!

How was yours?

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