Top Ten of 2022 Part 2

Top Ten of 2022 Part 2

Ready for our top 5 projects of 2022? 

5. Arhaus replica table

Why would anyone find what they’re looking for from a store but then ask us to replicate it?

•you need a different size: we make our furniture any size, any finish, and any wood. Need a table that’s 74” long? We can do that! Need a table that’s narrow? We can do that!

•you want solid wood or a different type of wood: we only use solid wood, and we don’t “fake” the thickness of our tables! Lots of makers will just double up on wood around the edge of the table to make it look thicker which leaves you with a weird seam. Not us. If you want a 2” thick top, the whole top is 2” thick. 

•you want a different color: we can use any color

4. Custom island 

We love doing custom work because we get some unique requests and working with amazing designers is a bonus! We partnered with @penelopejoedesign out of Philly to create a stunning island with hidden drawer storage and a 2” thick walnut top with breadboard ends.

3. Stonetown Table

This was our favorite Stonetown Table! Can we just take a moment for The black base with walnut top.

2. Bellvale Extension Table

This table is the epitome of timeless farmhouse style! Solid walnut, a planked top, breadboard ends and self-storing leaves. 

1. Face grain seamless walnut countertops

I’m not sure these beauties even need a reason why they’re #1 because this whole kitchen is just perfection! We partnered with @penelopejoedesign to deliver these luxury walnut countertops. And big bonus-they’re 0 VOC completely food safe, constructed with food safe glue, and heat-water-wear resistant and so easy to care for!

See ya next time! 

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