Why Custom made...

Why Custom made...

Have you ever walked into a furniture store, taken one look around, and thought “Meh?” You’re not alone! Box stores carry the same styles and sizes, and if you do find something that “looks” good once you get close you can tell it’s made with cheap materials that won’t last.


  1. Quality

Whether you need a sturdy dining table or durable kitchen counters, custom made offers strength and quality that can’t be matched by mass-produced pieces. When our experienced craftspeople make your custom piece, they use 100% solid wood with no veneers or engineered hardwood like MDF. This means that your furniture will last longer than anything from a big box store.


  1. Customizations

You don’t have to sacrifice style for durability with custom made either! You can choose any size, style, finish, and type of wood for your bespoke piece. Not sure what you want? We can replicate any style in any size too! That means if you saw something in a magazine or online that caught your eye but didn’t quite fit your space, or wasn’t made up to your standards, we can build it for you using 100% solid hardwood and the highest level of construction techniques with the best finishes in the industry so it will last a lifetime.


  1. Support Local Businesses

When you buy from a local businesses instead of a big box store, it helps support the local economy. We believe in creating jobs within our community while providing unique products. When you shop with us instead of online or at large retailers, every penny stays right here—and that makes us happy! 


When it comes to buying new furniture for your home or business, settling for second best is never an option. With custom made from our master woodworkers, you get strength and quality combined with inspired design and endless possibilities.

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