Seamless Top
Seamless tops have no visible seams and create a polished, finished look
Planked Top
Planked tops have visible seams and ridges between the boards. This creates more of a farmhouse aesthetic.
Breadboard ends
Breadboard ends are horizontal end caps added to the table to create a farmhouse style look. They are not structural, simply aesthetic. They can be added to a planked top, or seamless top.
Rough Sawn/Circle Sawn Finish
A faux reclaimed wood look can be added to tops. This includes saw marks, wormholes, etc.
We can distress any painted piece. This can include edge distressing: just light distressing on straight edges; or heavily distressing: large wood areas showing through painted surfaces on edges, and flat areas 
A mix of paint and water washed over finishes.
These are just a sample of the finishing options. Have any questions about any of our finishes? Feel free to use the "contact us", "Custom request" tabs, or "chat" with us!